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The Impossible Quiz

Game Review for The Impossible Quiz, the hardest quiz on internet

The Impossible Quiz is not so impossible quiz to play. If you don't blow your brains our in the process.So definitly you should try it. But careful, preserve your nervs and have fun... and don't kill anyone if you fail. the greatest fun comes from handing something like The Impossible Quiz to a friend and watching them squirm, though you might want to make sure you're in a room with carpet or better yet outside in a large thick grassy field so they can get a real good look at your face as your iPhone arcs towards oblivion

Tips and tricks to beat the impossible quiz

When you get the question 5, 30, 40 you right click move over and left click and carry on.

In one level, there is suppost to be a level that gives you a skip. In the final level, you need to fill the pass bar. So if you want to beat this game, you have to collect as many passes as you can.

Controls of the game

Controls are simple. All you need to play this game is your Mouse. So its time to put keyboard aside, lean back and enjoy this game with your Mouse.

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The Impossible Quiz is impossible quiz is to play or isn't? You will have to try and find that out. Give it a best shot or try not to get shot. I'm sure you will have alot of fun if you don't blow your brains out.