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Music Quiz

Music Quiz - Enjoy playing Best Quiz at the Comfort of your Home !

Music Quiz is fun game to play if you like listening music. You quickly need to identify among biggest pop stars which song is playing. If you get them wrong you have to pick again, so good luck.

Tips and Tricks to Play Music Quiz

You have to pick right song by picking letters to fit into name of song or name of characther. There isn't much tips to say, except you have to know music very very well in order to progress in this music.

Controls of the Game

There arent much controls in this game, except your mouse. So its just point and click game. You can put your keyboard aside and enjoy this game.

game review

Music Quiz is a puzzle/quiz game. It's really fun but it kinda gets boring after some time. But I'm sure you will have alot of fun if you like pop cultural music. But don't give up, there are lots of game you can play on this site. So go ahead and try some other quiz games. Good luck.