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The Gaming Quiz

game review

It's a fun and easy to play The Impossible Quiz, perfect for killing time. Would recommend to anyone who wondered what it's like to be a bdouchebag for a day. This is actually a short game, but there's not that many glitches. It's easier than the first part but it felt a little repetitive doing the same thing and grinding just to get self-esteem or popularity. Happy ending though!

Controls of the Game

There is not much controls in this game. You have to use your Mouse in order to pick right questions.

Tips and Tricks to Play The Gaming Quiz

Make your pick between 4 answers. Choosing wrong one put you behind in your score, so pick wisely. Good luck!

The Gaming Quiz - Enjoy finding out if you are a true gamer at the Comfort of your Home !

The Gaming Quiz is awesome Gaming quiz in which you will have alot of fun if you like playing games, which is obvious. There is alot of varietys and you have to make your pick under 25 seconds in 4 answers. Play Quiz and get to see if you are hardcore gamer or just a casual one, have fun.