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Zombie Survival Quiz

Zombie Survival Quiz - Enjoy finding out if you can survive zombie apocalypse at the Comfort of your Home !

Zombie Survival Quiz is the right game for you if you know what to do when zombies strike and try to take over the world. This quiz will test if you would survive if they attack. So test it out and see if you are the one to survive in zombie apocalypse. Good luck and dont let Zombies bite you.

Controls of the Game

Controls are simple. Mouse is your friend. So use it, point & click quiz game called Zombie Survival Quiz.

Tips and Tricks to play Zombie Survival Quiz

Tips for this game are, if you are honest you will do good. If not, you will get bite and not survive, joking. In order to complete this Quiz you need to answer all 42 questions right. So tips and tricks are, get it right and survive and see if you are worthy for zombie apocalypse.

game review

Zombie Survival Quiz is fun quiz game to play. In this game we will test you how will you deal in different situations versus Zombies. So by getting answers right you will progress far in this game. So if you get them wrong you will get biten by Zombies and will not make it far. So careful how you pick them.